About BTS

Founded in 2009 with the goal of ″Break Through Software Design″, BTS Design provides the revolutionary and innovative software design products. Initially, we focused on customized website design to provide customers with technical development. Then, along with brand awareness and technological innovation, we have successively provided services such as corporate identity recognition (CIS), e-commerce and system integration development, and continued to enhance the effect of visual design and make the user interface smoother as well. In recent years, we have also initiated the concatenation between other e-commerce and software like SaaS, allowing customers to adjust and strengthen the content of corporate services in response to operational and marketing needs, to enhance the brand value of BTS Design.

In addition, our pace of innovation has not stopped.

Since the cultural and creative gifts designed every year are deeply loved by customers, we start to design small commodities and also provide the concept of creative design. Among them, "Shark wine glass" not only wins the positive reviews of netizens from all over the world, but also gets patents in many countries around the world. Therefore, we create "BTS Lifestyle" in 2020, a brand with both creativity and texture, and look forward to further cooperating with Taiwanese craftsmen on the basis of BDS's design to create a unique lifestyle.

In the future, "BTS Design" will bring "BTS Lifestyle" together to provide each customer with a complete, comprehensive and innovative life both in the online world and in the world of life.