Privacy Policy
BTS Design Co.,Ltd. greatly respects and protects your privacy. The website and privacy policy are applicable to laws in Republic of China. Any controversy about the website and privacy policy are within appropriate range of local court of justice.
Any of your comments and feedback regarding this privacy policy is welcomed.

Use of customer’s information
Collection of customer’s Information is used for business purposes, including marketing and sales services, customer management, information communication services and customer satisfaction survey. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with our efficient service internally. We will not provide personal information to other purpose or for third party unless we will ask for your consent before using or concern with relevant laws restriction.

Copyright Notice
Copyright of contents on this website belongs to BTS Design Co., Ltd., or its corporate customers. All content such as images, graphics, web pages, text, videos, programs, layout and design are the property protected by Republic of China and international copyright laws and relevant intellectual property laws.You may not copy, modify, distribute and further any commercial purposes.

Safety and security
In reasonable technology and process, we work hard to protect our website and users in safety and security.

Modification on Privacy Policy
This information is updated from time to time to conform any newly regulation and our market strategy. We will post the notice on our website whenever there is a major modification of it.

If you have any questions about privacy policy, please contact us and we will response you as soon as possible.